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3 Ways to Use Asana for Church Communication

3 Ways to Use Asana for Church Communication

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

I love organizational tools. Naturally, I look for ways to stay organized online. Enter Asana. It’s a collaborative project management tool that I’ve found really useful.

Here are three ways you can use it for your church communications:

Big Days

For big Sundays like Easter and Christmas, I’ll create a new project outlining all tasks including marketing, internal communication, service planning and design. I use the subheadings to segment the project into major “buckets” and assign tasks to team members along with the due date. It also allows you to add comments, links to documents, and screenshots to specific tasks. This keeps everything related to the day organized and in one central location.



Weekly Tasks

I have a project labeled “weekly” for recurring weekly tasks (mind-blowing, I know) and any additional tasks that might come up. It’s a simple way to ensure nothing falls behind and provides structure to my week.



I like to use an Asana template to take notes in meetings with teammates and volunteers. It covers standing topics, the weekly agenda, and items to follow up with at future meetings. It’s a useful way to share meeting information with your team and keep everyone on the same page. Plus, action items that come from the meeting can be added in and assigned to the person responsible.


So there you have it. Three easy ways to get started in Asana. What about you? What project management tools do you use?




Disclaimer: I am not paid for the endorsement of any product on my blog. I am just a satisfied user who wants to share my experience with great products.