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5 Leaders I’ve Learned From

5 Leaders I’ve Learned From

When I was an intern at my church, I read every book and blog I could find about church communication. I have a degree in mass communication and marketing, but that doesn’t mean that transferred into church communication. Today I want to take time to recognize leaders who shared their resources and knowledge to help people like me who were just getting started.

Here are five leaders I’ve learned from.

1. Tim Peters

Tim writes very practical articles about how to develop a communication strategy and simplify your communication systems. Plus, he recently came out with Sayge Resources if you’re looking for more church communication goodness. Website // Twitter 


2. Kem Meyer // Less Clutter Less Noise

Less Clutter Less Noise is an essential read if you want to learn about church communication. It reads like a collection of blog posts and you’ll fly through it. Kem’s kind of like the queen of church communication. Website // Twitter 


3. Phil Bowdle

My favorite thing about Phil is that he provides actual tools and shows you how to implement the ideas he shares.  Also, if you send him a question on Twitter, he’s always responsive and ready to share his knowledge with you. Website // Twitter


4. Brady Shearer // Pro Church Tools

Pro Church Tools has only been around about a year but Brady shares amazing tips and tricks for churches looking to master the basics of media. If you’re like me and not a designer but often faced with leading design for your church, you need to check it out. Website // Twitter 


5. Church Marketing Sucks

Yeah I know, this technically isn’t one leader but it’s my post so I can break the rules. Church Marketing Sucks is the mac daddy of articles for everything from promotions and marketing to design and websites for the church. Website // Twitter


So there you have it! Leaders that I have learned from. Now, this isn’t an inclusive list. There’s no way I could list all the leaders I’ve learned from but these are a few who made a big impact on me.

What about you? Which church communication leader have you learned from?

Defining a Win

I define wins by the life change that was experienced, not the amount of people that showed up.  If we draw a massive crowd but no life change happens, how can we say we’ve accomplished the mission?  It’s easier to look at numbers than  life change. As someone who likes systems and formulas, I fall into this trap easily. Looking at the number of people who came to an event, or signed up for a class. But while width matters in ministry, depth matters too. Don’t get me wrong, numbers do matter. But they don’t always mean you are winning. 

Evaluate the numbers but focus on the life change.

How does your team define wins?

3 Ways to Prioritize Your Communication

When I map our communication and promotion schedules, I look at three key areas.

1. Time

In December our focus has been on our Christmas Eve service. Why? Because it’s time sensitive. When prioritizing, begin with the calendar.

2.  Relevance

What level does the communication apply to your audience? The women’s book club meeting probably won’t affect 80% or more of your audience but that outreach event might. Before you promote, ask yourself “To how many people does this information apply?” and work from there.

3. Mission

Does that communication directly reflect and support your church’s overall mission? Focus your communication around the happenings that communicate how to be a part of your church’s mission or celebrate that the mission is active.