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The Weekly Communications Checklist [Free Download]

The Weekly Communications Checklist [Free Download]

Photo by Mike Enerio on Unsplash

A simple weekly checklist can be a very effective tool, especially if your church is beginning to prioritize and improve communications. It gives you an outline to stay on track and organized throughout the week.

Here’s a free example to download. Weekly Communications Checklist

You can work from a simple Google document or put the checklist into a task management tool like Asana. I have an Asana project titled “Weekly” which includes recurring weekly communication tasks and any tasks to be completed by the week’s end. More complex projects, like sermon series or marketing campaigns, can be organized into their own projects.


How do you stay organized throughout the week?


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Communication Planning Sheet for Big Days

Communication Planning Sheet for Big Days

Christmas. Easter. Baptism. There are big days in the life of every church. My solution for mapping out these days has been to create a basic planning sheet. This allows me to see the overall picture of dates and communication channels in one place. This doesn’t capture every action item in a project (I use Asana for that), but it helps visualize what needs to happen and when.

Here’s an example from Christmas.


Here’s a blank PDF template to download.