3 Things To Do in Your Weekly Communications

3 Things To Do in Your Weekly Communications

1. Connect to the Sunday service
Sunday is the “big day” for churches, and you can use this as the launch point for creating and sharing content during the week. This could be in the form of pulling quotes from the Sunday sermon, sharing an application step based on the message, or even creating a sermon video clip for your social media.

2. Recast the vision and mission
Share a story of how you’ve seen the mission move forward. Share a photo of a person taking a next step through baptism. Share a highlight from one of your missionary teams making an impact around the world. Share a photo of your worship team on social media and include a blurb about one of your core values.

Find creative and compelling ways to keep the mission (why your church exists) in front of your church and community.

3. Prioritize the promotions
Look at your church calendar and determine the top 5 things that need to be communicated for the week. This should start with events and next steps that apply to 80% or more of your Sunday morning audience and flow from there. The best way to get people connected is through personal relationships and conversations, not all church promotions. Remind your leaders of this from time to time! Encourage small groups and volunteer leaders to share what’s happening in the church, as they are more likely to know, and get others involved.

What do you think? What other things need to happen each week in your church communications?


I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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