3 Lessons from Video Announcements in the Snow

3 Lessons from Video Announcements in the Snow

For the past few weeks we’ve experienced a mix of snow and ice in Raleigh. This sends our city into panicked frenzy to scavenge grocery stores for milk and bread because those are necessary for survival in .5 inches of snow.

One of our staff values is “make it better.” This means any team member can offer ideas and improvements to any area of ministry. One of our pastors and my friend has encouraged me to dream and think about ways we can improve our videos by adding touches of humor and creativity.

With that in mind, our team decided to have a little fun and leverage the snow for our weekly video announcements. We ventured outside into the thick of it and shot right in the middle of the snow storm. It still included our weekly welcome and a few events, but we added some humor at the end. Our Executive Pastor even joined in. By doing this, we engaged our audience with what they were currently experiencing in their own lives and gave them a chance to laugh. We actually got an applause at the end of them!

When was the last time someone clapped for your video announcements?

Here are three lessons I learned from this experience:

1. Mix it up. 

Most video announcements have a pretty standard format and flow. (Welcome to guests, sign up for this event, check us out online) This is great for familiarity and consistency. But mixing it up every once in a while makes people perk up and pay attention.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You could add a new host, include a special interview with a ministry leader, or ask a volunteer to share about the team they serve with, have a missionary record a short update video on their laptop and include it. There are tons of options out there!

What small change would make your announcements better this week?

2. Your audience will be as engaged as you are. 

We had fun filming this and in turn our church had fun watching it. Sometimes we focus too much on making sure we include all the right information that it’s easy to forget it matters how we say it. We should enjoy what we are creating. Because if we don’t, why would anyone else?

3. Get out of your comfort zone.

To be honest, I find most attempts at humor in church videos to fall flat. I shy away from this approach so I was hesitant at first. But our church loved it. I’m learning, with the help of my teammates, to think outside the box and try new things, even if it’s outside of my comfort zone.

What do you think? What lessons have you learned with video announcements?


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