Aim Small, Miss Small

Remember the scene in “The Patriot” when Mel Gibson instructs his son how to shoot and says, “aim small, miss small”? He also tells him to keep both eyes open.  It struck me that this principle can be applied to church communications.

A smaller aim increases the likelihood of hitting your target. And keeping both eyes open helps you see your target twice as well. 

For example, if I’m promoting a women’s bible study it doesn’t make sense to do a Sunday announcement video because the Sunday morning audience is not a small target. Rather, I’ll instruct the women’s ministry leaders to share it through their social media accounts, personal conversations and in the women’s ministry Facebook group.

Too often, church communications blasts the entire crowd with a single shot through the Sunday bulletin or an announcement in hopes that it will land on the appropriate target. Take the time to scope out, with both eyes, and decide which communication piece will have the most impact on your intended audience.

So keep both eyes open and aim small. You’ll be less likely to miss.


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