10 Posts to Share on Your Church Blog

Churches are discovering the benefits of blogs.  Blogging helps you stay connected with your audience throughout the week. It gives your church website a voice and  personality. It can be an additional tool to equip your people.  Many churches would like to blog but aren’t sure where to begin.

Here are 10 posts to get you started. 

1. Sermon Recaps

Sermon Recaps are easily generated content and can be posted on a weekly basis. Ask your pastor to send you his teaching outline earlier in the week or simply take notes during his sermon to post a handful of quotes and main points from the sermon. Be sure to include a link to the full message and encourage people to share on social media.

2. Photo/Event Recaps

This is a favorite at our church especially around major events like Easter and Christmas. You’ll need a photographer for this one. Capture photos of major Sundays or events like baptisms and share the story of the event. People love photos. Mars Hill does a great job with these.

3. Volunteer Spotlights

What gets celebrated gets repeated. Celebrate your volunteers by highlighting them on your blog. Take photos of them serving in various places. Write a short post giving an overview of what team they volunteer with, how long they’ve been part of your church and thank them for their service.

4. Three Reasons to Join a Small Group

Small groups are a major ministry in many churches. Offer reasons why joining a small group is important. Highlight the traits of a strong small group like experiencing community, building friendships and studying God’s word. Show by the WHY behind joining a group.

5. Three Reasons to Join a Volunteer Team

Similar to #4. Explain the WHY behind volunteer teams.

6. How to Study Your Bible

Blogs offer a place to share equipping resources. Give people practical tips and answer questions about where to start, study tips and how to memorize verses.

7. How to Pray

Same as #6. Keep it practical. Show people how to pray like Jesus prayed.

8. Devotional Series about Your Values

Blogs provide a lot of opportunity to reinforce the vision and values of your church. There was, hopefully, reasoning and purpose behind the values your church has chosen. Tell the story of how those values were chosen and how they drive your church forward. Offer ways to live out those values in everyday life.

9. Three Reasons to Bring a Friend to Church this Week

Have a big Sunday planned? Generate some excitement. Share a teaser about what the weekend has in store and why your members need to bring their friends along. Cast vision for why inviting and bringing guests is so vital. To see an example of how we did that click here.

10. Life Change Stories

If you blog about nothing else, make sure to write about these.  Capture the stories  of your church and share them. You can share videos, posts and pictures all about the people whose lives are changing by what God is doing through your church.

I hope that gives you a start! If you’re thinking, “Those are great topics but how will I even begin to manage a church blog? Who will write all these articles?”

Don’t worry. I’ll post about that soon.

What do you think? What other posts should churches share? 


I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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