How to Create Video Announcements

Video announcements are a great interactive way to share announcements and important info with your audience every week. I love using video because it’s versatile and can be easily shared in other places like on your website and social media. There are a few initial start-up costs to creating videos but I believe it’s worth the investment.

Here’s how we create them: 


  • Canon Rebel T4i with lenses. We typically use the 75mm – 300mm lense.
  •  Tripod
  •  Rhode NTG2 Microphone, mic cable and mic stand
  •  Beachtek DXA-2T Audio Adapter
  •  Dead Cat (that furry piece over the microphone…it blocks out a lot of wind noise.)
  •  Light Scrim

Editing software: 

  • Final Cut Pro X for basic editing
  • Adobe After Effects for text and graphics

Our Worship Pastor films and edits these every week. Typically, we shoot 2-3 weeks worth at a time. We keep our announcements at about 2 minutes in length. Much longer and people will begin to lose interest. If we have a life change story or special video it will run  longer.

I don’t use a teleprompter. First,  we can’t afford one. Second,  I’ve found most people look pretty obvious when they are reading from one. I write out the script and rehearse a few times before we shoot.

We don’t have lighting equipment so we travel around our city and shoot outside…no matter rain, sleet, or snow…wait, that’s the Post Office. Never mind.

 Here is the finished product. Ta da! 

What about you? Do you use video announcements at your church? 


2 thoughts on “How to Create Video Announcements

    1. Hey Zack,

      We try to find places with limited traffic and noise factors and we shoot around 8 am to avoid cars, people etc. For the stuff we can’t avoid, we EQ the audio in the editing phase. Having a shotgun mic helps too because it’s more directional.

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