What aren’t you saying?

We constantly communicate. We exist in a constant ebb and flow of sent and received messages.  One of my college professors said it this way, “You cannot not communicate”.

That means what you AREN’T saying communicates just as, if not more, loudly than what you ARE saying.

Maybe you have a fantastic children’s ministry. If you never celebrate or share the stories of that ministry, does your audience know you have that rock star kids program that is leading children to Christ? If one of your core values is community, but rarely talk about how to experience community in our church. Would people know that’s a core value?

Silence is very powerful communication tool. (Can I get an “amen” from the married folks out there?)

Here’s a personal illustration: 
I prepare a meal. My husband eats meal. My husband says nothing about this meal. To me, this indicates the meal is probably not very good. Two weeks later, he asks me to make it again. I say, “I thought you didn’t like it!” He says, “Why would you think that? It was great!”

See the principle?

Obviously, we can never communicate all the different ministries and opportunities at church. And you shouldn’t! It’s overwhelming and results in paralysis of your audience. It’s Cheesecake Factory syndrome – too many choices on the menu.

However, at times, we need to step back and look at what we aren’t saying to know the messages we are communicating.


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